Vagabond Kitchen to Hold Official Grand Opening on Saturday

The Vagabond Kitchen LogoWheeling, WV (September 15, 2014) – The Vagabond Kitchen will be holding a grand opening celebration on Saturday, September 20th from 7pm to 10pm in the restaurant’s main dining room.

After three months of hard work and ironing out the wrinkles associated with opening up a full-service restaurant and catering business, Matt and Katie Welsch feel the time is right to make it official.

Matt Welsch says it was never an option to make the event anything but open to the public.

“I said from the beginning that I was in a trust fall with downtown Wheeling and the surrounding community, and I’m happy to say that not a day goes by that Katie and I aren’t very happy with our decision to open up the Vagabond Kitchen in a downtown district that is reinventing itself right before our eyes. With that in mind, we thought it was only fitting that this grand opening not be a private event. This kitchen is a part of the community, and this community proves everyday that it wants to be a part of what we’re doing. We hope everyone knows how sincere we are about wanting everyone to come out and celebrate this milestone with us.”

Guests will celebrate with the ownership, staff, and many who had a hand in launching the restaurant as they enjoy appetizer portions of everything on the newly minted menu as well as exclusive tastings offered by Casa di Vino and and Brew Keepers. There will be live entertainment offered by Aaron Carey who also provides the accompanying music for the Vagabond Kitchen’s Final Friday Dinner Series as well as a featured hanging gallary from Pete Wildey at AtTiTuDz Studio. Admission to the event is a prix fixe of $15 at the door. Reservations are appreciated but not required. Dress is “ties and tattoos” — come as you are, but dress it up.

The Vagabond Kitchen is a restaurant and catering service in Wheeling, WV owned and operated by Chef Matt Welsch. As the Vagabond Chef, Welsch travels the country on his motorcycle focused on exploring new culinary techniques and cuisine and using those experiences to hone his craft and increase the value of his product. Welsch recently returned to his geographic roots and opened the VK in the historic Hotel McLure where he endeavors to apply and teach all that he learns on his journey while dedicating himself to the revitalization efforts of the Upper Ohio Valley.


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