FAQ: How Can I Help?

Whether it’s folks I’ve know my whole life, or people I’ve just met, a lot of you are asking how you can help the Vagabond Chef project be a success. Thank you!

The easiest way for everyone to help is to like, share, and repost. The single most important criterion we have right now to measure success is readership. The more people reading the articles, the more sharing and trying the techniques, the more discovering great places to eat and visit and fun things to try at home… the better we’re doing. “Likes” are the currency of the social networking world and will allow the project to do more and more as we move forward.

The social networking beast, epitomized by facebook, would have me paying them to reach more readers. They mitigate every post. Without adjusting your own settings on a page you like, you’ll see a tenth of what that page presents. This is a great strat for facebook, because it has me posting more and more so hopefully people see it, and it encourages me to pay them so that more people do.

However, I’m not interested in a bunch of profiles blindly liking my page. I want to be communicating with people who are excited about the ideas of travel and food, people who are more likely to open a dialogue.

I can’t thank everyone enough for their support thus far. Please continue to talk up the project, share the posts and blogs, and let the world know what’s going on here!