The Vagabond Chef Project began as an exploration. In the past year alone I’ve crossed the country five times and put 13,000 miles on my motorcycle visiting close to a hundred different restaurants across the country. I’ve learned a lot in my travels and shared my experiences through my website, a culinary travel blog at

Recently the opportunity arose for my wife and I to come back to the Ohio Valley where we were both born and raised. We’d been living at a day lodge in Central Idaho, then moved into an RV at the end of August traveling down the California Coast. After four months, our home finally doesn’t have wheels anymore. The cat is psyched.

Now that we’re finally home, the Vagabond Chef is moving in a new direction. I’ll still be traveling and exploring (though not as extensively), and I can also offer catering, cooking classes, and special events.

I’ve learned a lot and I want to work with you to share the benefits of being a “road scholar”. I’ll work with you to develop the menu you desire, whether it’s exotic or basic. I can do breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and I specialize in making people happy.

Although little in my life has been orthodox, I’ve been gifted to find many opportunities to teach others. I would love to teach your next cooking class. If I haven’t done it, I can figure it out. What do you want to learn?

Be it benefits, pairing dinners, or parties, invite me to your next shindig to make it even more special.

I’m excited to work with you. I love making food and I love seeing people light up when they taste what I’ve made with my own two hands.

Contact the Vagabond Chef today.