About the Vagabond Chef

The Vagabond Chef Project is one man, a motorcycle, a passion for travel and learning, and an invitation. MT Welsch has spent half of his life traveling the globe and chronicling his journeys. As the Vagabond Chef his focus is on exploring new techniques in the kitchen, discovering new types of cuisine, and learning. Whether it’s on the back of his motorcycle or driving a knife, Welsch is always pushing his limits and looking to the next horizon.

After 13,000 miles abike, crossing the country five times in nine months, and visiting well over fifty restaurants, the Vagabond Chef Project has entered a new phase. The prodigal chef has returned to his hometown of Wheeling WVa, and will be catering, teaching classes, and hosting special events.

The Vagabond Chef will still be hitting the road to participate in partnerships and pairings, exploring more new kitchens and cooking techniques, and putting down rubber across the blue highways of the country. You never know where he might turn up.

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